AEW100 Lora wireless energy meter
○ Model Number: L-DR192-#6988
○ Brand Name: Derui
○ Min. Order: 500 Pieces
○ FOB Price: US$ 1.8 - US$ 6 per unit (Pieces)
○ FOB Port: Shenzhen
○ Lead Time: 15 - 20 days
○ Payment Terms: Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)
○ Country of Origin: China (mainland)


  • AEW 100 wireless measurement module is mainly used for metering three phase active energy on low voltage network. There are functions like RS485 communication and wireless communication on 470MHz in order to help customers check, get and manage the value of energy consumption. This kind of production can be installed in distribution box flexibly, achieving the different demand of measurement and statistics of distribution on different areas and different loadings.


    1. Choose W before choosing CG;

    2. There is a mobile antenna lay outside can be chosen, and the length of wire is 2 meters.

    2.2 Naming rule of mutual inductor

    Model and specification

    Chart 1 Mutual inductor specification

    VoltageCurrentMutual inductorInside mutual inductor of temperature measurement

  • Wireless measurement module

    Chart 2 Main function

    FunctionFunction description
    Energy meteringActive kWh (positive and negative)
    Electrical measurementU、I、 P、Q、S、PF、F
    Pulse outputActive pulse output
    LED display(L1、L2、L3)powered display, pulse, communication, wireless status
    CommunicationWireless transmission on 470MHz
    Infrared communication
    Communication interface: RS485

    Electrical performance

    Chart 3 Electrical performance

    Voltage inputRated voltage3×220/380V,3×380V,3×57.7/100V,3×100V
    Reference frequency50Hz
    Consumption<2VA(Each phase)
    Current inputInput current3×1.5(6)A、3×20(100)A、 3×40(200)A、3×80(400)A、3×120(600)A
    Start current4‰Ib(1级1 Class)
    Measurement performanceStandardGB/T17215.321-2008
    Active energy accuracy1 Class
    Temperature accuracy±2℃
    PulseWidth of pulse80±20ms
    Pulse constant6400imp/kWh 、400imp/kWh、200imp/kWh、100imp/kWh、60imp/kWh
    CommunicationWirelessTransmission on 470MHz and maximum distance in open space is 1km
    Infrared communicationThe constant baud rate is 1200
    Connection modeShielded twisted pair conductors

    Work environment

    Chart 4 Work environment

    Temperature rangeOperating temperature-20℃~55℃
    Storage temperature-40℃~70℃
    Humidity≤95%(No condensation)

  • Dimension drawings (Unit: mm)

    Chart 5 Dimension of mutual inductor

    Metering moduleL×W×H88mm×54mm×50mm
    AKH-0.66/K-20 Mutual inductor90mm×57mm×35mmSecondary terminal wire length 350mm
    AKH-0.66/K-36 Mutual inductor109mm×71mm×35mmSecondary terminal wire length 500mm
    HCT16K-FJ Mutual inductor29.5mm×44mm×43mmSecondary terminal wire length 2000mm
    HCT20K-TN Mutual inductor70.5mm×57mm×35mmSecondary terminal wire length 1500mm
    HCT36K-TN Mutual inductor85mm×71mm×35mmSecondary terminal wire length 1500mm

    Fig 1 Dimension of AEW100

    Fig 2 Dimension of mutual inductor AKH-0.66/K-20

    Fig 3 Dimension of mutual inductor AKH-0.66/K-36

    Fig 4 Dimension of mutual inductor HCT16K-FJ

    Fig 5 Dimension of mutual inductor HCT20K-TN

    Fig 6 Dimension of mutual inductor HCT36K-TN

  • Installing and Wiring description

    20200711094626104.png  20200711094626480.png

    Installing description of normal type with piercing

    L1, L2, L3 prick in to A, B, C phase respectively, and especially the A phase and N terminal powered for the AEW100. And A, B, C phase transmits the voltage and current to AEW100 by mutual inductor, and then the AEW100 transmits the single to PC via RS485.


    First step: Loosing the needle screw and loosing the wire bezel to the top (show as above).


    Second step: Open the mutual inductor and rotate the wire bezel to vertical (show as above).


    Third step: Installing the mutual inductor correctly refers to the current flow (The current flow towards downward as above).



    (The current flow towards upward shown as above)


    (The current flow towards the left shown as above)



    (The current flow towards the right shown as above)



    Fourth step: Close the mutual inductor and put down the wire bezel, and make the wire beside the pricking needle hole, then rotate tightly the screw arbor (show as above)



    Fifth step: Rotating the pricking needle screw arbor, and then tight the screw arbor, making cross symbol’s angle between 90 degree to 150 degree.



    Sixth step: Match the color with mutual inductor and AEW100 terminal, the locate the AEW100 on the mutual inductor (show as above)



    Seventh step: The effect picture of the final installation.


    Installation Notes:

    1. Loosening cable should be avoided during installation

    2. Measure the temperature of the installation position after full-loading operation of equipment side for more than 1 hour,. The temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.

    3. The working temperature of the matching transformer of this product is less than 90 ℃


    4.2.2 Installing description of W type without 

    L1, L2, L3 place on A, B, C phase respectively. A、B、C three-phase voltage signal lines are connected to UA, UB, UC terminals respectively, neutral line is connected to the N terminal. And especially the A phase and N terminal powered for the AEW100. And A, B, C phase transmits the voltage and current to AEW100 by mutual inductor, and then the AEW100 transmits the single to PC via RS485.





    Terminals of AEW100-D15、AEW100-D15W、AEW100-D20W、AEW100-D36W




    3-phase 4-wire (current connected via CT)



    3-phase 3-wire (current connected via CT)



    3-phase 4-wire (voltage and current connected via CT)



    3-phase 3-wire (voltage and current connected via CT)


    Note: CG is optional after selecting W, which means taking voltage from magnetic steel.