2 phase 3 wire power energy meter for solar inverter


  • In a single inverter system, the meter is connected directly to the inverter. If your inverter has a built-in revenue grade meter (RGM; the inverter is referred to a revenue grade inverter), you can connect an external meter on the same bus as the RGM.


    2 phase 3 wire energy meter is wired to the inverter.

    If the inverter has a built-in revenue grade meter(RGM),an external meter on the same bus can be wired as RGM.

    It is with RS485,SunSpec protocol.

    This single phase 2 channel energy meter mainly used in inverters applied in Australia, Europe, North America and other areas with single phase 3 wire system.

  • Meter Electrical ServiceUnits

    Rated Voltage-Line to N120V
    Rated Voltage-Line to Line208/240V
    Extended Voltage Range88%~110%
    AC Frequency60Hz
    Grids SupportedL1/L2/N/PE
    Power Consumption1.2W
    Meter Communication InterfacesRS 485
    Response Time≤1S
    Meter Accuracy
    Rated RMS current100200A
    1%-100% of CT Current±0.5±1%
    Current Transformers
    Number of Supplied Current Transformers2
     Dimensions I.D:15   O.D:3570.5×54.5×39 (H×W×D) mm
    Standard Compliance
    Installation Specifications
    Operating Temperature Range-30~55
    Relative Humidity (noncondensing)5 - 90%
    Mounting TypeDIN-Rail,35mm
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  • 1.The meter should be mounted in a Power Distribution Box 2.Mount the meter on a 35mm DIN rail.


    1. Turn off AC power before clamping on current transformers.

    2. Install the CTs around the conductor to be measured. Split-core CTs can be opened for 3installation around a conductor. A nylon cable tie may be secured around the CT to prevent accidental opening.

    3. Install the CT with the arrow pointing to the grid for consumption or export measurement.

    The current transformer is packed together with the meter.

    If you are connecting the meter to the inverter, Refer to the connection diagram below