Medium voltage protection relay
○ Model Number: AM5
○ Brand Name: Acrel
○ Min. Order: 1 Pieces
○ Payment Terms: Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)
○ Country of Origin: China (mainland)


  • AM5 series microcomputer protection device are applicable to the user substation which the input voltage is 35kv or above. AM5 can be used to protect and control the user substation, and is be widely used to Power Industry, Water conservancy industry, Traffic Industry, Oil industry, Chemical industry,Coal Industry, Metallurgical Industry and so on.

     AM5 Hardware Resources

    Hardware ResourcesAM5-FAM5-TAM5-MAM5-CAM5-BAM5-UAM5-BL
    Input Current8888800
    Input Voltage4444440

    The detal technical parameters of AM5 series microcomputer protection device is shown as table

    Rated inputRangeaccuracypower consumption
    Power supplyAC220V/DC220V, DC110V,DC48VRared input×(1±20%)-----≤10W ( DC )
    Voltage inputAC 100V/100/√3V1~120V±0.5%≤0.5VA  single phase
    Current inputAC 5A /1A0.04In~15In±0.5%≤0.5VA  single phase
    DIAC220V/DC220V, DC110V, DC48VRared input×(1±20%)-----≤1W(DC220V)single DI

  • Model                                                                    FunctionAM5-FAM5-TAM5-MAM5-CAM5-BAM5-UAM5-BL
    Three-stag over current protection

    Two-stag over current protection

    Two-stag over zero-current1 protection

    Two-stag over zero-current2 protection

    Inverse time over current protection

    Inverse time over zero-current protection

    Overload alarm

    Overload trip

    Control circuit fault alarm

    Under voltage alarm

    Under voltage trip

    Over voltage alarm

    Over zero-voltage alarm

    PT disconnection alarm

    FC atresia

    Negative sequence overcurrent protectio(two stage/Inverse time)

    Self-produced over zero-voltage alarm

    Non electric trip/alarm

    I bus/II bus Under voltage alarm

    I bus/II bus Self-produced over zero-voltage alarm

    I bus/II bus Over voltage alarm

    I bus/II bus Over zero-voltage alarm

    I bus/II bus PT disconnectionalarm

  • The installation method shown as figure