Jiangsu Acrel Electric Co.,LTD [Stock Code:300286.SZ ] is one of the few leading companies in China who provides various systematic of power monitoring ,power control,energy management and electrical safety for smart grid users. Since June2003,we have always been focused on the research,production and sales of intelligent electric meters. 

Isolated Power Distribution System

IT power distribution system can provide solutions of the insulation monitoring and insulation fault location for DC, AC or AC/DC hybrid ungrounded system. The product can real-time monitor the insulation resistance of ungrounded system to ground. It is convenient for users to find and eliminate faults. Because when the insulation falls under the alarm line, the system will issue an alarm and point to the specific insulation fault location.

Energy Management System

The energy management system focuses on data statistics and analysis of power consumption and power quality,It can help users to see details of electricity bill by constructing measurement system,it can help users to get reasonable maximum monthly electricity demand by load curve,report forms and other tools and monitor harmonic distortion rate,power factor,voltage qualification rate and other parameters in places requiring highly power quality.Thus it can help users to reasonably use and save electricity.

Power Quality Management

Power quality monitoring and management system focuses on power quality of enterprise user distribution system and manages it by power electronic technology,it can eliminate the harmonic and improve power factor.The products mainly include active filter(APF),reactive compensation(SVG, SVC, intelligent capacitor and so on),harmonic suppressor  and so on.The products can ensure the user’s equipment to work under good power quality environment.

Smart Lighting Control System

The intelligent lighting control system follows KNX protocol,and it can realize scene control,area control,timing control and single control for buildings by system,smart panel or touch screen.It can also realize automatic control by using human body infrared and illumination sensor to improve users’  experiences and save energy.

Prepayment Cloud Platform

The prepaid cloud platform/remote prepaid system helps the property management companies to manage electricity prepaid charges of the rental shops and offices in various places, and also can be used to manage the electricity charges of student dormitories. The tenements prepaid the electricity bill, if the balance is insufficient, the system can remind the tenements by SMS, and the bill can be recharged via WeChat, alipay and unionpay. The system automatically collects the data of fee charged, used charge and remaining charge to form a financial statements to realize the automatic operation of the prepayment system. (Typical projects: Chengyang Baolong square in Qingdao city; Shimao Straits building in Xiamen City; Cambodia Haoli garden; Tianshi university town in Tianjin City; Beijing College of Social Administration, etc.)

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