ADL3000-E/KC Dual Source Energy Meter Din Rail Mounted For Utility And Generator Monitoring
● Measurement: 3-phase kWh (0.5S), Active Power, Reactive Power, Current, Voltage, Harmonic and etc
● Voltage Rating: 3x220/380V, 3x57.7/100V (3P4W); 3x380V, 3x100V (3P3W)
● Current Rating: 3x10(80)A; 3x1(6)A
● Frequency: 45~65Hz
● Commnunication: RS485 (MODBUS-RTU) and Infrared
● Multi-rate: Spike, Peak, Valley and Flat kWh
● Extra Function: Cable Temperature Measurement and DO/DI
● Display: LCD (8 digits)
● Dimension: 127*88*70mm (L*W*H)
● Wiring: 3-phase 4wire; 3-phase 3-wire
● Installation: 35mm DIN Rail
● Standard&Certificate: IEC; CE; EAC


  • Description

    In some places where utility power is unstable and unreliable, many buildings have adopted their own private generators as a backup power source to provide a continuous and uninterrupted power source.

    Dual source energy meters are digital dual meters that offer comprehensive 3-phase electrical instrumentation and load management facilities in a compact and rugged package for the dual source energy Utility (U) and Generator (G)

    It provides two counters showing energy consumption on public electricity board (EB) and diesel generator ( DG).



    Suitable for dual source energy billing for any industry segment

    Commercial, Residential buildings, Hotels

    Control Panels

    Genset Panels

    Power Distribution Panels





    ● Directly replaces 2 energy meters

    ● Sensing dual source through 230V connection

    ● Displays basic and most of the power parameters

    ● Optional digital output separately for EB or DG parameters

    ● Automatic switching of display based on input source as EB or DG through DG sensing input

    ● Two energy registers to separately record energy consumption from two different sources.


    Diverse Electricity Parameters Measurement

    ● Harmonic (2~31st voltage¤t)---Optional

    ● F (Frequency)

    ● U (3-phase Voltage)

    ● I (3-phase Current)

    ● kWh (3-phase positive Kilowatt-hours)

    ● kVarh (Kilovar-hours)

    ● P (Power)

    ● Q (Reactive power)

    ● S (Apparent power)

    ● PF (Power factor)


    Multi-rate/Flexible Tariff

    ● 4 Time zone

    ● 4 Tariff rate (Spike, Peak, Flat, Valley)

    ● 2 Time period list

    ● 14 Time period by day

    ● Data Frozen (last 48 months or last 90 days)

    ● Max demand and occurrence time


    2 Channel RS485 Communication

    ● Protocol: MODBUS-RTU

    ● 1 channel RS485 or 2 channel RS485 both optional


    3-channel Temperature Measuring

    ● Thermistor: NTC temperature sensor

    ● Measuring Range: -40℃~+125℃


    DO/DI Switch

    ● 1 channel DO

    ● 1 channel DI (wet contact)



    HMI for Parameters Setting

    ● Code

    ● Protocol

    ● Address

    ● Baud rate

    ● Parity

    ● All Display


    Infrared Communication for Remote Meter Reading

    ● Built-in infrared communication

    ● Easy Remote Meter Reading

    ● Optional Connection Methods

    ● Direct Connection with Meter

    ● First Connection via CT. 


    Optional Connection Methods

    ● Direct Connection with Meter

    ● First Connection via CT. 


    Wiring Instruction


    Installation Instruction


    Installation Instruction


  • 1.Function description


    Function description

    Function provide


    Measurement of kWh

    Active kWh (positive and negative)

    Reactive kWh (positive and negative)

    A, B, C phase positive active kWh

    Measurement of electrical parameters


    Measurement of

    2~31ST Voltage and current harmonic

    □Note 1

    LCD Display

    8 bits section LCD display, background light

    Key programming

    4 keys to communication and set parameters

    Pulse output

    Active pulse output

    Reactive pulse output

    □Note 2

    Clock pulse output

    □Note 2

    Multi-tariff and functions

    Active switch input

    □Note 3

    Switch output

    □Note 2

    Adapt 4 time zones, 2 time interval lists, 14 time interval by day and 4 tariff rates

    Max demanded kWh and time happened

    Frozen data on last 48 months, last 90days

    Date, time


    Infrared communication

    The first communication path: Communication interface: RS485, Communication protocol: MODBUS-RTU 

    The second communication path: Communication interface: RS485, Communication protocol: MODBUS-RTU 

    □Note 3

    Temperature measurement

    Support 3 outlay NTC temperature

    □Note 4

    “■” means standard, “□” means optional.

    2.Technical parameter


    3 phase 3 wires, 3 phase 4 wires


    Reference voltage

    3×100V、 3×380V、3×57.7/100V、 3×220/380V


    <10VA(Single phase)



    Accuracy class



    Input current

    3×1(6)A (second connection with 3- phase load line via extra selected CTs)

    3×10(80)A (direct connection with 3-phase load line via CTs built in ADL3000-E)


    <1VA(Single phase rated current)

    Accuracy class



    Active, reactive, apparent power, error±0.5℅


    45~65Hz, Error±0.2%




    Active energy(Accuracy class:0.5, 1), reactive energy(Accuracy class 2)



    Energy pulse output

    1 active optocoupler output, 1 reactive optocoupler output

    Switching output

    1 Switching output

    Switching input

    1 optocoupler input

    Width of pulse


    Pulse constant

    6400imp/kWh,400imp/kWh(Correspond with the basic current)

    Interface and communication

    RS485:Modbus RTU

    Range of communication address

    Modbus RTU:1~ 247;

     Baud rate


    Relative temperature


    Relative humidity

    ≤95℅(No condensation)

  • connect via CT

    direct connect