Medical IT System Insulation Monitoring device
○ Model Number: AIM-M200
○ Brand Name: Acrel
○ Min. Order: 1 Pieces
○ Payment Terms: Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)
○ Country of Origin: China (mainland)


  • The medical IT system is mainly used in important Class 2 medical locations such as operating room, ICU/CCU intensive care unit, providing safe, reliable and continuous power distribution for the important equipment at these locations. Medical insulation monitoring and fault locating device is developed by the many years’ design experience of the Acrel Electric in electric power meter industry, according to the special requirements of the insulation monitoring and fault locating of the power distribution system in Class 2 medical locations. The products can realize the real-time monitoring of insulation, load and temperature of isolation transformer in IT system, and have the functions of system insulation fault loop positioning and centralized monitoring by multiple pieces of systems. Products conform to the provisions of enterprise standard Q31/0114000129C013-2016 IT System Insulation Monitoring Instrument.

    AIM-M200 medical intelligent insulation monitoring instrument

    AIM-M200 medical intelligent insulation monitoring instrument adopts advanced microcontroller technology, which has high integration, compact size, convenient installation and integrates intelligence, digitalization and networking in one. It is ideal selection for insulation monitoring of isolation power system in Class 2 medical locations such as operating room and intensive care unit.

    Function features of AIM-M200 medical intelligent insulation monitoring instrument

    Ø Functions of real-time monitoring and fault alarming of the ground insulation resistance, transformer load current and transformer winding temperature of the monitored IT system;

    Ø Can be used with insulation fault locator, remotely starting fault-locating and displaying locating results when there are insulation faults;

    Ø Real-time monitor the line disconnection fault, temperature sensor disconnection fault and the functional grounding line disconnection fault of the monitored system, and give the alarm indication when the fault occurs;

    Ø Relay alarm output, LED alarm indication and other faults indication functions;

    Ø Two kinds of fieldbus communication technology, which are used for centralized alarm and display instrument, test signal generator, insulation fault locator and upper computer management software communications, and can monitor the operation status of IT system in real time.

    Ø Events logging function, which can record alarm occurrence time and fault type and is convenient for operation personnel to analyze the operation conditions of system and promptly eliminate the faults;

  • Auxiliary power supplyVoltageDC24V±25%Temperature monitoringThermal resistorTwo Pt100
    Maximum power consumption<3WMeasurement range-50—+200℃
    Insulation monitoringResistance measuring range10-999kΩAlarm value range0—+200℃
    Relative percentage error0—±10%Alarm outputOutput modeTwo lines relay outputs
    Alarm value range50—999kΩContact ratingAC 250V/3A   DC 30V/3A
    Response time<2sEnvironmentOperating temperature-10—+55℃
    Measuring voltage<12VStorage temperature-20—+70℃
    Measuring current<50uARelative humidity5%-95%,No condensing
    Current monitoringMeasurement range2.1-50AElevation≤2500m
    Alarm value range5-50ACommunicationCAN interface, self-defined protocol
    Measurement accuracy5级RS485 interface, Modbus-RTU protocol
    EMC Electromagnetic compatibility/Electromagnetic radiationconform to IEC 61326-2-4Rated impulse voltage / level of contamination4KV/Ⅲ

  • External dimensions of AIM-M200 medical intelligent insulation monitoring instrument (unit: mm)


    Front view

    Side view

  • Upper row terminals: 24V, G for the auxiliary power supply, and L1, L2 are connected to the monitored IT system (which can be connected to the two output terminals of isolation transformer). I0, I1 for the current transformer signal input, and T0, T1 as the temperature sensor signal input.

    Lower row terminals: KE, FE are the functional grounding wires, which should be connected to the on-site equipotential terminals by two independent wires. A and B for RS485 communication terminals, H and L for CAN communication terminal blocks (which are used for the communication connections with ASG100 test signal generator, AIL100 series insulation fault locator and AID200 centralized alarm and display instrument), J1 for over-temperature alarm output (for control of cooling fan), and J2 for fault alarm relay output.

    Note: 1)is used for the test terminals of CT secondary side short connection.

    2) The wirings connecting the No.1 and 2 terminals of the insulation monitoring instrument to the 24V power supply can select 2×1.5mm2 copper wires, and the L1 and L2 terminals corresponding to the No.4 and 5 can select 2×1.5mm2 multistrand copper wires, and the FE and KE terminals corresponding to the No.13 and 14 can select 2×4mm2 yellow-green wires (grounding wires). J1, J2 relay output are the dry nodes, which need additional power supply during the control of external load. For example, J1 controls AC 220V cooling fan, then the AC 220V power supply is needed, and the wiring line type should be determined according to the load current.

    3) The transformer signal wires corresponding to the No.8, 9 terminals, the temperature signal wires corresponding to the No.11, 12 terminals, the RS485 communication wires corresponding to the No.15, 16 terminals, as well as the CAN communication wires corresponding to the No.18, 19 terminals line can select 2×1.5mm2 shielded twisted pairs, and the COM port for communication is not connected.