AEW110 lora IoT wireless converter
- Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co.,LTD.


  • AEW110 series wireless communication converter is mainly used to assist RS485 devices in wireless networking. It completes wireless communication between common RS485 devices by

    transforming communication data from RS485 signals to wireless signals and vice versa.It saves construction cost and renovation time for user's communication networking. The product boasts of advantages including compact size, stable communication, long distance transmission and easy installation. It can be flexibly installed together with RS485 communication devices to realize wireless network for local communication.

    Note: external sucker antenna is provided with 2m long cable as standard.

  • Technical parametersIndicators
    Auxiliary powerAC 85~265V,DC100~350V
    CommunicationInfrared communication:Baud rate:1200bps
    CommunicationRS485 interface communication: baud rate:1200bps,2400bps,4800bps,9600bps,19200bps,38400 bps (settable)
    Wireless communicationTransmission rate (bps)600120025004500750012000
    Spreading factor (settable)1211109 (default)87
    Working frequency range868MHz, 46 channels settable (0~45,default 5)
    Transmission distanceMax. transmission distance in open space: 1kM
    SafetyHigh-voltage test at working frequency: AC 2kV 1min between any two of the power supply, RS485 interface and antenna port
    Insulating resistor:Input,output terminal to housing>100MΩ
    EnvironmentWorking temperature:-25℃~+55 ;Storage temperature: ℃ -40℃~+70℃
    Relative humidity:5%~95% non-condensing; Elevation:≤2000m

  • Overall dimensions (unit: mm)

    Fig. 1 Overall dimensions of wireless communication converter

    Product installation and use

    Auxiliary power supply                                               RS485 interface                                Master, slave station setting interface

    Fig.2 Illustration of wire terminals of wireless communication converter