ASJ50-GQ voltage monitoring device for air conditioning compressor
- Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co.,LTD.


  • ASJ50-GQ air conditioning compressor voltage monitoring device (hereinafter referred to as the monitoring device), suitable for single-phase AC voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz/60Hz users or load. When the line occurs over, under voltage, monitoring device to protect the equipment. The monitoring device integrates the functions of over-voltage, under-voltage protection and automatic delay reset of normal voltage. Small size, high precision, compact structure, easy installation.

    Product features

    Built in high performance processor, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability.

    When overvoltage or undervoltage occurs, the line will be cut off, and the line voltage will return to normal. After delay, the line will be automatically reset and connected without manual operation.

    The frequency is 50 Hz / 60 Hz, and the power consumption of the product is not more than 2 VA.

    Electrical life: 10000 times.

    Aperture installation.

  • main parameters

    working voltage220VAC
    working frequency50 / 60Hz (default 60Hz)
    Overvoltage action threshold120%Ue±2.5%
    Overvoltage recovery threshold115%Ue±2.5%
    Under voltage action threshold80%Ue±2.5%
    Under power recovery threshold85%Ue±2.5%
    Action time1s±0.1s
    Recovery time180s±5%
    Rated insulation voltage300V
    Maximum power consumption2VA
    contact form1Z(NO)1Z(NC)
    contact capacity20A 240VAC10A 240VAC
    EnvironmentWorking environment-10℃~+55℃
    Storage temperature-25℃~+70℃
    Protection levelIP30
    Pollution levelLevel 3
    install class
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